Bernie Trump Trade Pact (BTTP)
Bernie Trump Trade Pact

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About Us

We are the Internet. Here to Solve Your Problem.

This all got started 16 years ago when a consitutional law professor* described a similar problem with Nader and Gore voters:

Nader's Traders - How to save Al Gore's bacon by swapping votes on the Internet

And the net, including yours truly, (Jeff Winchell) responded by setting up websites that generated 35,000 vote swaps in a week 
in the age before Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or even MySpace or Friendster.

That author who inspired us 16 years ago is running for Congress in MD on Apr 26 as a progressive. If you want to learn more about him or support him, click here

The clarity of messaging on the main page is almost entirely due to the marketing genius Hal Pawluk . If your potential users are turning away too soon, it may be your message is unfocused. Give Hal a call to sharpen it.